Gourmet Wednesday: Ceramics March 10, 2021

Gourmet Wednesday: Ceramics March 10, 2021

$ 125.00
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March 10, 2021: 5pm - 8pm

During this 3-hour Studio/Gallery session, Ceramicist Brenda McMahon will teach the group how to design and create a single dimensional 9" x 9" tile. Beginning with raw clay you will draw, shape, form and texturize your own art piece. Brenda will glaze the work. It will be ready for pickup at the Gallery.

Gourmet Wednesday includes a 3-hour session with the artist, a splash of wine or another beverage of choice, some gourmet treats and a full studio experience while surrounded by handmade art work. Each Gourmet Wednesday Event is $125.00 per person.

If you sign up for 3 or more Taste of Art workshops, you get a 10% discount. Use the code art lover for your savings. If you fill a class with 3-4 students, you can select your own time, we're happy to work with your schedule.

The gallery/workshop space will be sanitized, participants will wear masks and the intimate group of 3-4 will be invited to share gourmet treats and beverages during our 3-hour session.