About Brenda McMahon Ceramics


Hi.  I'm Brenda and I love what I do!  I feel blessed to be supported by my collectors for 20 years.  

I grew up in the New York City area on the beach and so nature and the rhythm of the earth are rooted in me from an early age.  As a young person, I always loved to build & write, but creating came to me a bit later in life.  After 10 years as a broadcast journalist, I found my true passion in a 10-week pottery class.  That was over 2 decades ago and it has been a hard working and joyous journey to now.

I make work that I hope is beautiful and captivating.  I strive to delight you, but also tap into your quieter, more contemplative side.  As a yogi of 15 years, I am deeply rooted in the meditative side of life and yet I am not limited by that.  I love to dance, play, hike and spend time with friends, family and my pup.  The sense of joy I feel with all my loves is formed in every ceramic art piece I make.  

You can always feel free to contact me through my social media channels, Facebook, twitter, Google +, Pinterest.... I have a presence on all of them.  If you prefer, I return all emails and if you really want to get old fashioned, call me if you have questions about my ceramic artwork.

I sell my work at fine art & fine craft juried shows across the country and I teach master class workshops in America and overseas. Thanks for stopping by.